Sarah-  Lead Stylist / Owner

Sarah began her cosmetology career in Grand Rapids in 2003, she has always been eager to learn and stay up to date with trends and techniques.  After working for four years she took an eight week break to backpack in Europe, Sarah arrived home inspired and ready for something new.  She enrolled in an intensive course in Chicago at the Sassoon Academy before moving to San Diego, CA where she landed a job at Hyde-Edwards Salon and Spa.  It was here that Sarah really grew as a stylist, gaining knowledge and developing her techniques as she learned from many talented and accomplished peers.  The salon also allowed her even more educational opportunities as she was able to attend Loreal SOHO Academy in New York, Loreal SOHO Academy West in Laguna Beach, Di Pietro Todd in San Francisco, and Fuga Academy in Chicago.

Sarah prides herself in technical cutting, especially short women’s cuts and loves classic soft hair color achieved with balayage and natural tones.  She is happy to be back in the Cedarville/Hessel area and excited to offer her clients what she has learned and all the new things she will continue to learn. When Sarah is not working you will find her cooking, walking through the woods with her dog, practicing yoga, or with her nose in a book.



Sarah's Price List

Sarah modelling for a hair cutting video at Hyde Edwards Salon & Spa in San Diego where she worked as a stylist before returning to Cedarville Michigan where she grew up.