Thank you for keeping me busy, I'm in need of another cosmetologist ASAP!

Thank you for all the support from everyone.  Arborvitae Salon & Spa has only been open for two months and my books have been consistently filled.  I apologize to anyone I have not been able to accommodate on short notice.  If possible, please book two weeks in advance so I may fit you in during the time you request.  Our online booking app is a great way to see what times are available.  Also, if you know of someone in the hair industry who may be looking for a place to work, please let them know we're hiring.  They will be busy!  It's not even close to our summer season (when our population triples) and I'm already receiving an overwhelming amount of business.  

Thank you for filling my books!

I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of support and new business I have been receiving since starting on the path to open Arborvitae Salon & Spa in Cedarville.  I sincerely apologize to anyone who has contacted me recently for an appointment that I have been unable to book due to my schedule filling quickly.  I would like to ask, if you can please book as far in advance as possible so I may be able to accommodate the time and service you request.  I pride myself on being loyal to my customers and try my best to schedule clients so they will not have an excessive wait and also so I will have enough time to perform the services you have requested to the best of my ability.  At my current location I am working Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  I have been working longer days to accommodate everyone, but have been booking up a week in advance.  Arborvitae Salon & Spa's opening date is getting closer and I look forward to having more days open to fit everyone in.  Until then, please bear with me and I will look forward to seeing you in my chair in the near future.

Thank you,


Meet Sarah, the owner and lead stylist of Arborvitae Salon & Spa

After working for four years she took an eight week break to backpack in Europe, Sarah arrived home inspired and ready for something new.  She enrolled in an intensive course in Chicago at the Sassoon Academy before moving to San Diego, CA where she landed a job at Hyde-Edwards Salon and Spa.  It was here that Sarah really grew as a stylist, gaining knowledge and developing her techniques as she learned from many talented and accomplished peers.

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It's starting to look like a salon!

It might not look like much has changed from the outside but there has been a major transformation on the inside.  The opening of Arborvitae Salon & Spa is getting closer.  Thank you to Mark Schwab Construction, Larry Perkins Electric, and all my friends and family for the great work!