Arborvitae Salon & Spa would like to Welcome Kim Dunn - Reflxologist

Kim invites you to experience rejuvenating foot reflexology. Reflexology
reduces stress and tension, increases circulation and helps the body
function more efficiently.  Reflexology is a science that says there are
reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all the glands,
organs and parts of the body.  Stimulating these reflexes properly can
help many health problems in a natural way.  Kim has been certified to
practice the Ingham method of reflexology since November 2001.  She
received her certification in South Bend, IN through the International
Institute of Reflexology in St. Petersburg, FL.  Kim is available for
30-minute or 45-minute sessions Tuesday evenings, 5:30-8:00.

Kim is originally from Pleasant Ridge in the Detroit area, but made
Cedarville her home 33 years ago.  She is married to Randy Dunn, a 4th
generation Cedarville native.  They have two children, Grace and Silas,
now young adults, and Randy also has a daughter, Madeline, from his
first marriage.