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Rate your Arborvitae experience:
Rate your Arborvitae experience:
I am happy with the booking process
I am happy with how I was treated upon arrival
The salon was clean
I am happy with the customer service of the salon staff
I would recommend Arborvitae Salon & Spa to a friend
Salon Stylist Evaluation
Salon Stylist Evaluation
If you were here for massage, please scroll down to "Massage Therapist Evaluation"
My appointment began at the time I scheduled
My stylist completed a thorough consultation
My stylist listened to me and gave appropriate feed back
I felt comfortable during my appointment
My stylist completed the service and I am happy with how it turned out
I would recommend this stylist to a friend
Massage Therapist Evaluation
Massage Therapist Evaluation
My massage therapist completed a thorough consultation
I am happy with the "flow" of the massage I received
I am happy with the pressure of the massage
My problem areas received enough attention
I am happy overall with the massage I received
I would recommend this massage therapist to a friend
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Name (optional)
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